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All listed prices are VAT-exclusive.

Double-entry accountancy

Entries # Price
0-250 250,00 €/month
250-500 500,00 €/month
500-1000 940,00 €/month
1000-1500 1350,00 €/month
Prices are containing the following services:
  • creating statements for VAT-avowal
  • Processing the complete accounting
  • creating the monthly-, or quarter year VAT-avowal
  • counting the taxes after properties, creating the avowals
  • longbook keeping
  • free accounting and taxes guidance 1 hour/month

Payroll detailed pricelist

Payroll # Price
Full-time employment 20€/month/employee
compromised employment 10€/month/employee
A1 application elaboration 10€/month/employee
Prices are containing the following services:
  • elaboration of contracts
  • payroll
  • employee registration and check out to the health and social insurance

Other accounting services

Service Price
Creating of year-end closing and statements, preparation of annual tax avowals, submitting year-end closing to the court of registration 200,00 €
Make an invoice 5,00 €
Creating extraordinary closing, example for bank loan, leasing 50,00 €
Intrastat reports elaboration* 10,00 €
Vehicle tax reports 10,00 €/vehicle
Statistics* 5,00 €
Accounting and taxes advisory 30,00 €/hour

* Casual, or for state offices requests

Other services

Service Price
Translating documents (Hungarian, Slovak, Czech) 20,00 €/page
non-accounting administration 25,00 € - 50,00 €*
Interpretation in Slovak language 35,00 €/occasion*
Vehicle registration 450,00 €
Wire transfers 10,00 €
* prices may change, depends on the kind-, required time of administration

Headquarters services

Slovak virtual office (registered seat) Price/month - Bratislava Price/month - Levice
Paid for 2 years 30 € 25 €
Paid for 1 year 35 € 30 €
Paid monthly 40 € 35 €

Founding company / changes in company

Service Price
Founding a Slovak LLC company (SRO) 600 €
Changes in Slovak LLC (3-4 entries) 300€
Ready-made Slovak LLC Company Upon request

Our Services

We provide full range of accounting, payroll and tax advisory services including comprehensive all-inclusive service for natural and legal persons starting a business in Slovakia.

Setting up a company in Slovakia

Excellent price-quality ratio without hidden fees.

25-year professional experience.

Accounting, Payroll and Tax advisory

Financial accounting and payroll

Tax optimization and advisory

Virtual office in Slovakia

Enjoy the full virtual office package with business address, mail handling, telephone answering and additional services.